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Dan.3.6,7. be Pexation of the Spirit. ment, on which his ambitious heart was fet, and he will rife early , runne and ride , and change natures with his Are, and be more fenfl.effeof Gods fury than the dumbe creature, that he may curfe Gods ownepeople: let the Divell promife thirty pieces of filver to medal, whofe heart ramie upon covetoufncffe, and there is no more fcruple, the bargaine of treafon is prefently concluded : Let the Divell tempt c fieha's Lecite with a little better -reward than the beggerly flipend which he had before, Theft and Idolatry are fwallowed downe both together, and the man is eafily Wonne to bee a fnare and (culinary offpirituall uncleanneffe to a whole tribe. On the other fide, Let Sathan threaten Ieroheam withthe loffe of his kingdome, if he goe up to Ierufalcm, and ferve God in the way of his owne worfhip, and that is argument enough to draw him and his fucceffors to notorious and Egyptian idolary ; and the reafon was becaufe their hearts were more fet upon their owne Counfels, than upon the worfhip or truth of God. Let the Divell by the ediCis and miniters of Jeroboam lay flares in Äf z,- pah , and fpread nets upon Faber, that is, ufe lawes, me- nacies , fubtilties to keepe the people from the City of God, and to confine them to regal! and i +ate Idolatry, prefently the people tremble at the in jun6lion of the king, and walke willingly after the°Coinrnandement. Let Ne- buchadnezzar ere: his prodigious Idol and upon paine ofa fiery furnace require All to worfhip it, and all peo- ple, nations, and languages are prefenrly upon their faces. Let the Divell threaten Derr as with perfecution, and pre - fcntly hee forfakcs the fellowíhip of theApoftles, and im- braceth this prefent world. And as it was heretofore, fo is it Bill. If a mans heart bee not fet on God, and taught to ref} upon hisprovidence , to anfwer all Satans promifes with h is All -fuf1ciency to reward us, and all his threatnings, with his All- fufficiency to protea us, how eafily will prornifes