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The Af ulneilé of 155 man. If any me fall,F flore him rritb the fpirit of meek ne(e, faith the Apollle,confidtring thyfelfe,rhat is,do not rejoyce again[[ thy brother, nor ri,fult c v. r him, doe no: defpif'e him in thine heart, nor exalt thy lelfe ; thou arc of the fame mou!), thou haft the lame principles With him ; that God which hall fcrfaken him, may forfa:ethee, that temptation which bath overcome him, may happen unto thee, that enemy which bath lifted him, may win- now thee, and therefore in his fall learne omi a!ï on to- wards him, and jealoutie to thy felfe, Reflore him, and co, f dcr thy felfe. Fifthly, confider the temptations that arife from this finne, the daily and hourely folicications wherewith it fetteth upon the foule, to unfettle it in good, and to dif- pole it unto cvill. Sacan is emphatically w the Scripture cah'd a Tempter;'and yet as if his were but halfe tempta- tions, Saint Throes faith, that a man is indeed tempted by his owne lu /is, when he is drawne away, and entifed. drawn away from God out of his light and prefence,and then ollicited unto evil!, either evill limply, or evil! con - comitantly, in doing good duties formally, blindly, un zealoufly, unconlfantly, unlpiritually. If a man [hoot an ai row againtt a rock, it may be broken, but it cannot en- ter : ro more can Satans temptations prevaile againft the Soule, without fomething within to give them admit- tance. Therefore though he tempted Chrif}, yet he pre- vailed nor, and our Saviour gives the realon ; He bath no- thing in me, nothing to receive his darts. But now in us the fleth holds treacherous compliancy with Satan and the World, and is ready to let them in at every ailault, This is a great part of the cunning of wicked Angels to engage and bribe over a mans owne concupifcence to their party. Seed will never grow into a living Creature without a wombe to totter it, there mutt be .Partua cor- dis, as well as Seminarium Hoflis, the conception of the heart,as the temptation of Satan. Temptations may vex, but Gai. 6. r. !4iarrh. 4.3. Thee ;.S. lames i 14. Iohn 14.30.