Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

Irhe' Vanity of the Creature. -fowre all the Oeenes banquet , and the Kings favour. Ahab was a king, in whom therefore wee may jualy gape& a confluence of all the happineffe which his do- minions could afford; a man that built whole Cities,and dwelt in Ivoric palaces, and yet the want of one poore Vineyard of Naboth brings filch a heavineffe of heart, filch a deadneffe of countenance on fo great a perfon, as . fcemed in the judgement of Iefzbe/ farre unbefeeming the honour and ditiance.of a. Prince. Nay Salomon, a man every way more a king both in the mind and in the flaw of a King than Ahab;.a man that did not ufe the Creature with a fenfuall, but with a criticallfruition,To. find out that good which Jod had. given men under the Sonne, and that infuch abundance ofall things, learning, honour, pleafure, peace, plenty, magnificence, forrain fupplies, royall vifits, noble confederacies, as that in him was the pattern of a compleat Prince beyond all the plat- formes and Idcaes of Plato and Zenophon ; even he was never able to repofe his heart upon any, or all thefe things together,tifl he brings in the feare of the Lord for the clofe of all. Lafly, lookc on the people of If ael ; God had delivered them from a bitter thral- dome , had divided the f,:a before them, and deiiroyed their enemies behind them , had girenthem bread from heaven, and fed them with. Angels food, had comman- ded the rock to fatisfi,e their third, and made the Cana nites to melt before them; his mercies were magnified with the power of his miracles , and his miracles crow - ned with the fwectnetfe of his mercies , befides the af- furance of great promifes to be performed in the holy land and yet in the mida of all this wee finde nothing but murmuring and repining. God had given them meat for their: faith, but they.anuf} have meat for their luff too it was not enough that God íhevved them mercies, uttleffe his mercies were,dre{fed up andfitted,to their palate, They tempted +od,.and limited the holy. one of Ifrael,