Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

The Vanity of the Creature. an infinite Reward of fuch a finite Obedience, as Adam was able by his owne created abilities to have performed. As ifa nian fhould give a Day laborer a hundred pound for his dayes work, which performe indeed hee did by his owne flrength but yet did not merit the thoufandth part of that wages which hee receives : But Gods mercy unto us is this , That hee is pleafed to bellow upon us not onely the reward, but the works and merit which procu- reth the reward, that he is pleafed in us to reward another mans worke , even the worke of C H R I S T our head ; as if when one onely Captaine had by his wifedome díf- comfited and defeated an enemy, the Prince notwithfl an- ding fhould reward his alone fervice, with the advance- ment of the whole army which hee led But this by the way. Certaine in the meane time it is , that God crea- ted man with fuch capacitie and delires , as could not bee limited with any or all the excellencies of his fellow and finite Creatures. Nay, looke even upon Corraptednayture, and yet there wee fhall dill difcover this refilefbeffe of the mind of man, though in an evill way, to promote it felfe whence arife diflraeiions of heart , thoughts for to morrow, ro- vings and.inquifitions of the Soule after infinite varietie ofearthly things, fwarmes of lofts, fparkles ofendleffe thoughts, thcfefecret flowings, and ebbes, and tempe1s, and eftuations of that fea of corruption in the heart of man, but becaufe it can never find any thing on which to ref+, or that bath roome enough to entertainefo am- ple and fo endlefr e a gueft ? Let us then looke a little in- to the particulars ofthat great difproportion and Infuffi- ciencie of any or all the Creatures under the Sunne, to make up an adequate and futable Happineffe for the Soule Oman.. Salomon here expreffeth it in Two words, Vanity and Vexation. From, the firft of there wee may obferve a threefold dfroyortion betweene the Soule and the Creatures.