Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

THREE TREATISES é O F The Vanity of the Creature.). i The Sirs f ulnef of Sinne... It The Life. of Chrift. BEING THE SUB- : STANCE OF SEVER ALL SERMONS PREACHED AT o 4 LINCOLNS INNS. . Z By EDWARD REYNOLDS, late Preacher to that Honorable Society, fometime Fellow of .04 Merton Collcdge in Oxford, and sow /Vier of vilo the Church of Bntinffan, in Nortk - :t ih4mton- Jbire. The fourth Edition,Revifed and Correeted. GA L. 2,20. Not 1, Bat C H R I S T livotb ix,erta LoNnoN, r . Imprinted by R.84 for R96.8/flock! and George Badser, and arc to bee fold at his thou in Saint Dan f arts . Church-yard in Fleet. amt. M. DC. XLII.