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Amos '4. :'fa1.49.1r. Zacli.5.4. Levit. í4.3s, 1s. lain.s.t. Prova o.3. Iob zo,zS Pfa1.93.18,9. Prov.1o,7. Amos 4 7. Verle 9. T he vanity of the Creature. the Lord undertake to finite , if hee fend abroad the fire of his wrath, it [hall feazeon thofe palaces and great houfes which men thought fhould have endured unto all gene- rations. For that Flying role , importing Iudgement de- creed, and fudden, which was fent over the whole earth againa the Thiefe and the Swearer , did not onely finite the man , but his houle , and like a leprofie confume the very timber and (tones thereof. Therefore wee read in the Leviticall law of lcprofies , not in men onely but in houles , and garments, intimating unto us , that fin de- rives a contagion upon any thing that is about us, and like Ivie in a wall,or that wild Cáprifrieus,willgetrooting in the very fubfiance of the (lone in the wall , and breake it afunder, Whatever it is that men can find out under .the Sunne to.faíen their hearts upon for fatisfac`lion and comfort, this leprofie will defile it, and eatitout. If Gi- ver and gold ,, betides their fecret ruff and proper corrup- tion , the Lord can make the thiefe rife up fuddenly, and bite the poffeffors, and fo unlade them of their thicke clay : If Reall fubfiance and enereafe, the Lord cafireth a- way, faith the wife man, the fu6ftanceof the wicked, and the increafe of his hhufe, faith Job, fhall depart and flow away. Ifgreatneffe and high places , theLord can put Ice under their feet, make their places flippery, and fubjea to a momentary dcfolation : If a great name and glory , the Lord cannot onely fuller time and ignorance to draw out all the memorie of a man , but can prefently rot his name from under heaven : If Corne and the fruits of the Earth, the Lord can kill it in thebladeby with -holding rains three moneths before the Harvefi : Hee can fend a Thiele, a Caterpiller, a Palmer-worme to eat it up. If it hold out to come into the barne , even there hee can blow upon it and confume it likechaffs. However men thinks, wheu they have their Corne in their houles, and their Wine in their Cellars, they are Pure and have no more to doe.with God, yet he can take avVay the fiaffe and life of it