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46 ECClef.I.4, PCai.q.j.rI. The I/anity of the Creature. def @erase difeafes, all which by a malignant conjunai.on muff needs haflen a mans end (as C'efar was flabbed with thirty wounds, each one whereof might have ferved to let out his foule) fo the Creatures of God labouring under a manifold corruption, doe, as it were, by fo many wings roil away from the O vvners of theni, and for that reafon mull needs be utterly difproportionable to the condition of an Immortali Soule. Now to make fome Application of this particular be- fore wee leave it : This Both firf} dif over and íhame the folly of wicked woridling's, both in their opinions and affe6tions to earthly things. Love is blinde, and will eafi- ly make men beleeve that Of any thing which they could with to bee in it : and therefore , becaufe wicked men with with all their hearts, for the love they beare to the Creatures, that they might continue together for ever, the Devil! Both at laR fo deepely delude them, as to thinke that they fhall continue for ever. Indeed in thefe, and in the generali, they muff needs confeffe that one generation comweth, and another goeth : but in their owne particular they can never airtime with any feel- ing and experimental! affent the truth of that generali to their owne eflates : And therefore what -ever for fhame of the world their outward profeflîons may be, yet the Prophet David affures us, That their inward Thoughts, their owne retired contrivances and refolutions are that their houfes (hall endure for ever, and their dwel- ling places to all generations and upon this Immortality of Rones and monuments they refolve to refl. But the Pfàlmiff concludes this to bee but brutifh and notorious folly , This their way is their folly, they like fheepe are laid downe in their graves, and death feeds upon them. And in- deed what a folly is it for men to build upon the fand, to cred an Imaginary fabrick of I know not what Immor- talitic Which hath not fo.much as a conRant fubfidonce i4 the head that contrives it ? What man. will ever gee about