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The Vanity of the Creature. that little which is defireable and precious in the eyes of men (which the Apoftle cals, The tuft efthe world, t job. Z.I 7.) 74t112))/S1 It paffeth away, and isquickly gone. The word, as the learned differently render it, hath three feve- rall Arguments in it to expreffe the Apottles exhortation. I It deceives orcouzenr, and therefore ufe it as if you ufed it not, ufe it as a man in a ferious buhnelfe would ufe a falfe friend that profers his afïiftance, though his proteftations be never fo faire, yet fo employ him as that the but neffe may be done though he fhould faile thee. z Tranfverfum gait, it carries a man headlong, the lulls ofthe world are fo ftrong and impetuous, that they are apt to inflame the delires, and even violently to carry away the heart of a man ; and for this caufe likewife ufe it as if you ufed it not, ingage your felfe as little upon it as you can, doe as Mariners in a mighty winde, hoife up as few failes, expofe as few of thy affeetions to the rage of worldly lull as maybe; beware of being carried where two feas meet, as the fhip wherein Faasl fuffered fhip- wracke, I meane, of plunging thy (elfe in a confluence of many boifierious and confliaingbufineffes, left for thine inordinate profecutionofworldlythings, the Lord either give thy Soule over to fuffer fhipwracke in thcm,or ltripthee of all thy lading and tackling,breakthine eftate all to peeccs, and make tBe get to heaven upon a broken planke. 3 The fafhion ofthisworld paffeth over, it doth but go along by thee and falute thee, and therefore ufe it as if thou ufed'ft it not ; doe to it as thou wouldeft doe to a ftranger whom thou meeteft in the way, he goes one way and thou another; falutehim, flay fo long in his company till from him thou have received better inftrudionstou- ching the turnings and difficultes ofthincown way, but take heed thou turne not into the way of the Creature, left thou lofe thine own home. Secondly, Get an Eye ofFaith, to looke Through and 14 Above 55