Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

'I he Polity of the Creature. able to his deli res , or his flrength not to his wits, or hi s flock not to his firength, his friends few, his corrivals many, his bufineffes tough and intricate, hiseounfels un- certaine, his proje'as way-laid and prevented, his contri- vances dafhed and dif- appointed, fuch a circurnfiance un- f ene, filch a cafualty fiarting fuddenly out, fuch an oc- currence meeting the a6hon, bath made it unfeasible, and (hip -wracked the expeìation. A man deales with the earth, hee findes it weak and languide, every foot of that niufl often-times ly pi/ow, when his delires doe lids plow; with men, hcelindes their hearts hard, and their hands clofe ; with fervants, he findes them flow and un- faithf ill ; with trading bee findes the times hard, the World at a Band, every man too thriftie to deale much, and too crafty to be deceived ; fo that now that vexation which was at firfl; begun with vehemencie of defire, is mightily improved with impatiencie of oppofition ; and fan ly, much increaled with the ferce of utter dif oppoint- ment at lafi. For according as the delires are either more urgent, or more difficult, fo will the feares of their mifcar- riage grow ; and it is a miferable thing for the minde to bee torne afunder betweene two fuch violent paff ons, as Defìreand Fevre. The fecondDegreeof vexation, is in the multiplying of the Creature, that men may have it to looke upon with their eyes, and to wwrfhip it in their affed-lions. And in this Cafe the more the hope groves , the more the heart is enlarged unto it ; and impoflìble it is that that defire fhould be ever quieted, which growes by the frui- tion of the thing defired. A Wolfe that hath once tailed blood is more fierce inthedefire of it, than lice was be- fore, experience puts an edge upon the Appetite; and fo it is in the defirer cf men, they grow more favage and ra- ging in the fecond or third profecution, than in the firíl. It is an ufiiall felfe- deceit of the heart to fay and think, If I had fuck an acceffion to mine eft ate, filch a dignitie