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The Vexation of the Spirite 69 f}andíng fhotild-tiave walked in the ftraitpath of truth, fhould have had . a. diffinct view of caufes and effeas in their irnmediate fucccffions; but now finne bath ming- led fuch confulion with things, that the minde is faine to take many crooked and.vaft compaffes for a little uncer- taine knowledge. Secondly,The weakne fie of all natu- rall knowledge is feene in this,that it cannot any way ei- ther prevent or come&the naturali crookedneffe of the fmallef} things, much lelfe make a man folidly and firb- f }antially happy. Thirdly, that which is crooked can- not be made fir aight. It is impoffible for a man by, the ex- add} knowledge cf naturali things to make the nature ofa man , which by fïnne is departed from its primitive rectitude, ffraight againe, to repaire that Image of God which is fo much difl;orted. When they knew God they glo- rifiedhim not as God, they became vaine in their imagina- tions and their foolifh heart was dar('red. his the Apo- files fpeech ofthe wifef} heathen. Ariftotle, the molt ra- tionall heathen man that the world knowes of, in his Do&rine confeffeth the difability of moraIi knowledge to reáifie th.eintempe: ance of nature, and made it good in his pra&ice ; for heufed a common firumpet to fatisfie hisluft. Seneca likewife the exadef} Stoick which we meet with,than whom never any man writ more divine- ly for the contempt of the world, was yet the richea ufuret that ever we read of in ancient f}ories, though that were a fïnne difcovered and condemned by the heathen thernfelves. Afecond Ground of vexation from knowledge is The Deteas and in2per f Fl -ions opt. That which is wanting can- not-be nuinbred. There ore many theufand conclufions in naturewhich the inof }i:aquifitive Judgement is not able to pierce into, nor refolve unto their juf} principles. Nay gill the rnorea man.knowes, the more difcoveries he makes of things which he know es not. Thirdly,in.much wifedome is mnch grief, and hee that F 3 áncreäfeth Rom.t.zi. EtGic 1.7. cap.3.! d"4. Vide de -llhilajo. f5is Irnprtctcís;' & writ ztem corruna peatibars, Tertiil. gpoloz., cap 46. f acir. ecjn lJb. 13. Dio. Tacit. Annal. !ib 6. Ari{l:orle; Po'it.lib.r. to. hid, do,