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The Vexation of the Spirit. the Di fJofng of them. All Creatures, f i2ners efpecially, that have no hope or portion in another life, doe natu- rally love a prefent earthly Immortality : and therefore though they cannot have it in themfelves, yet as the Philofopher fayth, of living Creatures , the reafoit why. they generate is, that that Immortallity which in their ovine particulars they cannot have, they may n xv crivpana, fo farre as they are able procure in the fpecies or kinde which they thus preferve; fo rich and worldly men, thougl" they cannot be immortali on the earth them- fels es,yet theyaffeet an immortality in their naines and dwelling. places, Pfal. 49. t t. and therefore they plc - fire to tranfmit their fubftance unto filch fucceffors as have wiiedonae and noblenefle.ofminde to continue it. Now thew if a man either have no heire, or one that is fo . active as to alter, or fo carelcíie and lupine as to ruine all, either bafeto difhonour the houle, or profufe to over- throw it, thefe and many other the like doubts mud needs infinitely perplex the minds of mien, greedy to per - petuate their names and places, Eccief. t 8,19. The fecond thing which we propofed to confider in this argument was the Grounds of this Vexation. I í11a11 name bit three. Gods curie; Mans Corruption; and the creattures.Deceit fulneffe. `I,ha e 'at large before infiifled on the Curíe confidered alone, now ainto flew in one word the iffuing of Vex- ationthere frog,..The crirfe.of the Creatures is as it were the poifon°and contagion of it ; and let a man mixe poi- kin in the möfi delicate wine, it will but fo much the ea fier, by the nimblenefle of the fpirits there, invade the parts öf the body, and torment the bowels. Gold of it. (elfe is a pretious thing, but to be íhackled with fetters of gold; tö have it turn'd into a life ofbondage, acides mdc- keryto the aff ietion; and farremorepretious to a par- ! r ticular man is a chaire of iron, which.drawes- hittrquP}ofy. 'a pit, than a'ëhaine of -gold which clogs.hir in a' ilr4on ; a key'