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I 'Ers 'Aaerpov I ávrTrv ór xpn- l ca7r óIsBVa! 70 Aráli. P'olttZc. cap.9. Efay (4. 3. Efay 3o. 13. Efay 47.9. Pläl S89 Petz. I. The vexation of the Spirit. greedincffe unto unnatural) and unknowne abominati- ons, but bccaufe lutt is infinite ? What makes the am- bitious man never leave climbing, till he build a nefl in the Starres ; the covetous man never leaves fcraping, till bee fill bagges, and chefls, and houfes, and yet can never fill the hell of his owne drfires, the Epicure never ceafe fwallowing, and fpewing, and flaggering, and inventing new arts of catches, and rounds, and healths, and caps, and Ineafures, and damnation ; the fwearer findes out new gods to invocate, and have change of oathes as it were of fafhions ; the fuperflitious Traveller runnefrom England to Rhemes, and from thence to Rome, and from Rome to Loretto, and after that to Jerufalem to worfhip the Milke of our Ladie, or the Cratch and Tomb of our Saviour, or the Nailes of his Croffe, or the print of his feet, and I know not what other fond delufions of filly men, who had rather finde falvation any where than in the Scriptures ; What is the reafon ofthefe and inFnite the like abfurdities, but becaufe Lwil is infinite ? and infinite Lufi will breed infinite occafions, and infinite occafions, will require infinite wealth, and infinite wit, and infinite arength, and infinite iniruments to bring them about; and this mutt needs beget much Vexation of minde, not to have our poileflions in any meafure proportionable to our occafions. The third and lati ground is the Creatures deceitful -' neffe, there is no one thing will more difquiet the minde, than to bee defeated. Thofe things wherein men feare mifcarriage, or expel dif- appointment, they prepare fuck a difpofition of minde as may befit to beare it : but when a man is furprifed with evill, the noveltie encreafeth the vexation. And therefore the Scripture ufeth to expreffe the grcatne% of a judgement by the srnexpeftedneffe of it ; When thou didde.ft terrible things which wee lookednot for. The }ance doth adde unto the Terrour. eAbreach in an inflant, a mow entarie, a fudden deflrtglion, a fiwi ft dam-