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0 F H A p p I N ! s. 87 ferues alfo to find out croo– kednc:tTe. Andaccordingly · as the Will of G o n was . the: ruleof that which was \ 'good and righteous, & the goodnesofGod wa·sMans good and happinetfe; fo on the contrarie, what was againfl: Gods will, was the e-. uill ofvnrighteoufneife, or what was feparated from . Gods goodneiTe, or hadan influence contrarie to it, . "'as the euill of miferie. Thus ~vas Man fet with his1 countenance toward God, to behold him as the high· eft marke &ayme towhom he lhould fit hisacrionsand affections. · Y,.ea, God and · Man looked each on other; . God toMan,for the feruice E ) of