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(o. There isafuppof:11J of a .Godhead,or diuine power, to dwell in a pieceof wood . or metall, and this, R~afon fee~ to beevanitie, yet. in fomecountries,Kings bow to fucb imaginations, and ·.· the Subiecrs mufl: doe .the lame; elfe for want ofbow· ing, they !hall beebrought to breaking. As in thefe, fo in infinite other things ap· peares mans mifiaking of good and euiU , euen the - good ofrighteoufneffeand happineffe; and theeuill of .wickedndfe and miferie: yea, ·in thofevery infiincts, which are left as the prind– ~all guides ofnaturall men, andby which their fiate is continued · and preferued (and