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lOO THE ART E · ther knew whence it came, nor bow to rid ita1tvay. In· deed they plodded for re– medies,:tnd to that purpofe wrote of theends of good . and euill, and framed their Diftintl:ions of feeming good and euill , and true good and euil. One ofthefe .. prophets cries out, There, t. is no euilJ, but what.thou r thinkeft tobeeuill; and an· other fayes~ Euery mans lufl: is his guide; and ano· ther, Euery mans 1ufi ishis £ god.But while they groped in thedark-e, the day-ftarre is rifen vpon vs, anq bath difcouered to vs, by the light thereof, th~ true roote of Mans <;orruption , and how they firfi went out of the