Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

1'04 T H E A R T E rather to torb1d prefer– ment , then finne and nli– , . feri~ Accordingly, Go o is vnbeleeued; the Tempter is trufl:ed; the hand is rea– ched out; and the fruit of miferie,is deuoured . The · eating is mofi wicked / and thedigeflion moft wretch· ed; Luft as the iuyceofthis fruit, entr~th into the foule and body of Man; It ob– taineth~a conquefi ouer ti~e parts andpowersof the Ea– ters ; and ·cayntetb them with aHeil1ly wifedon1e.& a fenfiiail kn,iWledge. Man / J.s become as a god, by be~ ing'becorne .a rule qfgood and euill to himfdfc. 'His happindfeand miferyn1uH · · be I '