Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

/ / -·I I 106 'I T H E A R. T E - ' for g1orie" is the more glo· rious by being manifefi & euident ; but lhame be- · - comes fhamefull by it, and publifheth it felfe thereby to its owne difgrace.. But this is thefault ofil1amefull Lun, to come into Naked· ' ndfe, which is the habit of giorie; and nqt (as Man– foolilhly in his new wife· dome corn playned ) the fault ofNakedne!fe, to diC. couer the lhame ofLtifi; which by-wrongfu11 intrli~ fion entred into it , · and Chewed it felfe fhameful by that, whichwas appointed to ll1ew forth Mans perfection in g1orie. And as__i n this , fo in '1\1ans whole coudedoth this erroneous. know- --------- ---------