Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

0 F fLA P P l N E S. I 2 5 paife his pominion to ~nd I fro; his malicemay feed on the foules.&bodtes ofmen, by ternpring tht:m to fins., and deuouring them with perfecudons;b11t at lafl: this Eater (hall be.come 1neare, euen the food and fueU of l IuO:ice; fc>r ,---tpe Sonne of 'Man {hall take him and bind him, and caft him into I vtter darknetle~ And thofe men \Vhotn he would haue deuoun.d, but God will haue prcferued , fbo~ll fl:and with the Sonne of ~1an to iudge htm ~ and betngdeli.. ·uered from 11im,lhat ioynt- '; , . iy deliner him to eternall , torment~ - Thus is there a two~fold Kingdome fet- vp in this \Vorld ; aKingdon1e - {. 0 · • c . ' ' ' ._(;