Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

.. , I Ij3 ' THE ARTE ' / a n1eanes of reftoring vs to out dutieand felicitie, and of freeing vs from corrup"" cion and tniferie. Turne we backe our £1ces from our (dues and all things vifible, and looke we vp vntoGod, leading vs by God vnto God, and that by the fer~ uice of Man vniced vnro God. In this Man·God is the remedie of all whereof we can complaine, and t~e· fupply of all that wee can defite. ·So is hee a· Ref~Jge fiornmiferie, a Fountayne of goodneife, the Way to .feiicitie, yea FeHcitie itfelf. The Mi.inhood vnited .to the Godhead, is rhe Dore ofhappindfe,and the Go-d· head vniteq to the Man· hood,