Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

146 I THE 1\R.TE giueth vs anobediecepleafing to God, as he payeth forourdefacingofGods Image,fo he.reftoreth againe ' to vs the Image it felfe; and finally, as be taketh from vs the wrathand terrors of God , fohee giues vs the pleafures and bappineffe · which are in the prefence I ofGod for euermore. And all thefe benefits doth our . S_auiour giuebyone inftru- - rrient or conuey.ance, and byone action. The m~anes - bywhichhe befl:owes and · i.mparrs his benefits, is his _Sptrit,and the atlion,is Re· genera_tion. The Spirit of God, is rhe breath andver- . tne of the Higheff, which , - · t.omunicates life & power to 0 -