Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

----------------~-------~·' 0 F H A p P· J. N· E s. ' ter conflitl: and a, difficult ) combat. The more is the prefent labour , the more lha be the future ioy ; the hardneffe of the Vitlorie . fhall increafe the glorie of the triumph; and oppofi– tion it felfe fhall become our aduancement. Accor- : dingly, the greateft feekers . (which commonly are t~e : gre~ttetl: ~nders) of happi- ! nciTe, are vfually placed·in ; · the forefront ofrhebattaile ; againfi- the thickefi preiTe- : . of rernayninlgeuils,and rhe : pufhofrnoft fierce and fie- ! rie temptations. And fure- ! -1y,while they fpffer prefent : euils f()r future glorie,\vhile ; .they fight fearfuUconflicts againfl temayning corrup· H 5 d oh. ~~~~--~--~.~~.~-----~