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. _, 172. THE ART .E vp our Tabernacles. Sure- , ly, as there is nothingmore comfortable to the bodily fight , then beholding th~ Sunne fhining in hisglorie: fo nothing can bee more , comfortable to the fight'of the foule, then to behold the Sunne of the Sunne, ·euen t~at high and pl!reft Light, which fhinetb vp· on the Sunne and all other things that fhine, but efpe– dally on Spirits, himfelfe _beingaSpirit. Againe, the very fubfiance of the Spirit in vs,is a kinde of heauenly oyle, which n1akes glad-, not fo much the fhce as the very heart of Man. It bath in it atafteand rellilhofthe Deitie,and therefore aboue all