Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

' / 12 THE AR.TE ther it bee able to giue vs happineffe ; furely, it pre– uents our askingmofi corn .. monly, and teacheth vsby blowes, and not by words, that it is ourmiferierather then our happ~netTe: euen a great t~eafurie ,ofimperfec– tions, infirmities, griefes, cares, oppreffions, wicked· neffe, tranfitorinelfe, and vanitie. There is in it no .fit obietl: for the foule, no full and ftable happineffe for fhe body. _ ThebeO:things in it that concerneMan,are of a goodneife mixt or vn· continuing. It isfull of.con· fuGon; all things comtning alike to all, and not the befi to the befi FoJly fits.very often in iudgement vpon Wifc-