Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

22 THE A.&. T E pleafure or aduantage;yea, illee ~gt·ones vnder the bur.. den offo vile a bondage ; , then efpecially finking,fuffering, a~d rctyririg, when t!1e body enioyes his chie-- fefi pleafures. But iffober toward pleafitres, ,wee yet A-and in reuc:rence of pro.. fit, after which the greateft _part of t~e wodd runnes a whoring; let vs turne our eyes from Multitude vnto Truth, which vfua11y by Multitude is mofl: forfaken. ' There is a fure faying, that a competent portion, fit to defend vs from hunger and nakedndfe (that is, a mea.. fure able to ferue and fatis- - fie our naturall vfes) bath ' att~yned the fulne!fe ofthe fub- .