Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

4~ I T H E A R. T E mong Men, the beauie and earthly mindes are moft conternned, and they that are of the quickefi &il1ar- / peft fpirits, are held tnofl: noble and generous:lfthen we will frame any concep:. tion of a tranfcendent and vppennofi excelkncie; ·we muft al-fo conceiue a mofi abfolutcpuride. Therefore if God bee rnofl: exceHenr, ·be is alfo mofi pure. Now what is to be thought more pure then aglorious,fingle·, vn-compou_ndeq Effeoce, fuch as-aSpirit is , and that Spirit moll,,which is the · Caufe,and Fountayne,and Father of Spirits? __ And no ldfe doth a fpiriruall Ef– fence11t befi'withwifdorn; I ' For