Rous - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.J68 R69 1619

so \ THE Aa.TE . / ( . it wil appeare to our vnder· ,, ftandings to bee the child, conc~i~ement, and ilfueo~ :l a Sptrlt; euen ofa deer'b · pure, and fingle effence, which in their models our owne foules doe .reprefent ' vnto vs, and teachbypat- ~ terne. ~birdly)in regard of Power,as the Creator ofall . things mufi excelJ al things in power ; fo Power hath · ·his refidcnce moft fitly and efpecially in a Spirit. Ac- . cordingly wee fee indaily : experienc~, that theheauie :and.maffie are mo- / ued and commanded by thingsvn.. corporeall &vn- - feene. ThehugeSea is mo- . ued to and fro in her Tides, 'by an in.uifible ·and ynbo· · ., dily '