Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 97 a number of them together, and so greedy of a little good food, and no English there but Mr. Hoar and myself, that it was a wonder they did not knock us on the head, and take what we had ; there being not only some provision, but also trading cloth, a part of the 20 pounds agreed upon. But instead of doing us any mischief, they seemed to be ashamed of the fact, and said it was the Matchit Indians that did it. Oh that we could believe that there was nothing too hard for God. God shewed his power over the heathen in this, as he did over the hungry lions, when Daniel was cast into the den. Mr. Hoar called them betime to dinner, but they eat but little, they being so busy in dressing themselves and getting ready for their dance ; which was carried on by eight of them, four men and four Squaws ; my master and mistress being two. He was dressed in his holland shirt, with great stockings, his garters hung round with 7