Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 99 When we were lain down, my master went out of the wigwam, and by and by sent in an Indian called James the prin- ter, who told Mr. Hoar, that my master would let me go home to-morrow, if he would let him have one pint of liquor. Then Mr. Hoar called his own Indians, Tom and Peter, and bid them all go and see if he would promise it before them three ; and if he would he should have it, which he did and had it. Philip smelling the business, called me to him, and asked me what I would give him, to tell me some good news, and to speak a good word for me, that I might go home to-morrow ? I told him I could not tell what to give him, I would any thing I had, and asked him what he would have ? He said two coats, and 20 shillings in money, half a bushel of seed corn, and some tobacco. I thanked him for his love, but I knew that good news as well as that crafty fox. My master