Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 111 Yet I was not without sorrow, to think how many were looking and longing, and my own children among the rest, to enjoy that deliverance that I had now received ; and I did not knowwhether ever I should see them again. Being recruited with food and raiment, we went to Boston that day, where I met with my dear hus- band ; but the thoughts of our dear chil- dren, one being dead, and the other we could not tell where, abated our comfort in each other. I was not before so much hem'd in by the merciless and cruel hea- then, but now as much with pitiful, ten- der hearted and compassionate Christians. In that poor and beggarly condition, I was received in, I was kindly entertained in several houses. So much love I re- ceived from several (many of whom I knew not) that I am not capable to de- clare it. But the Lord knows them all by name; the Lord reward them seven- fold into their bosoms of his spirituals,