Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

114 Narrative of son, were come into Major Waldren's I asked him how he knew it ? He said the major himself told him so. So along we went till we came to Newbury ; and their minister being absent, they desired my husband to preach the thanksgiving for them ; but he was not willing to stay there that night, but he would go over to Salisbury, to hear farther, and come again in the morning, which he did, and preached there that day. At night when he had done, one came and told him that his daughter was come into Providence : Here was mercy on both hands. Now we were between them, the one on the east, and the other on the west ; our son being nearest, we went to him first, to Portsmouth, where we met with him, and with the major also, who told us he had done what he could, but could not redeem him under seven pounds, which the good people thereabouts were