Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

116 Narrative of he raised up compassionate friends on every side, when we had nothing to re- compence any for their love. The In- dians were now gone that way, that it was apprehended dangerous to go to her; but the carts which carried provision to the English army, being guarded, brought her with them to Dorchester, where we received her safe ; blessed be the Lord for it. Her coming in was after this manner : She was travelling one day with the Indians, with her basket at her back ; the company of Indians were got before her, and gone out of sight, all except one Squaw ; she followed the Squaw till night, and then both of them lay down, having nothing over them but the heav- ens, nor under them but the earth. Thus she travelled three days together, having ing nothing to eat or drink but water and green hirtle-berries. At last they came into Providence, where she was kindly