Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

11 S Narrative of walls, but as Solomon says, money an- swers all things ; and that we had through the benevolence of Christian friends, some in this town, and some in that, and some from England, that in a little time we might look and see the house furnished with love. The Lord hath been exceeding good to us in our low estate, in that when we had neith- er house nor home, nor other neces- saries, the Lord so moved the hearts of these and those towards us, that we wanted neither food nor raiment for our- selves or ours, Prov. 18. 24. There is a friend that fticketh clofer than a brother. And how many such friends have we found, and now living among us ! And truly such a friend have we found him to be unto us, in whose house we lived, viz. Mr. James Whitcomb, a friend near hand and far off. I can remember the time, when I used