Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

120 rrczt27Je of towards us make it true of me, what Da- vid said of himself, Pfal. 6. 6. I water my couch with my tears. O the wonder- ful power of God that mine eyes have seen, affording matter enough for my thoughts to run in, that when others are sleeping mine eyes are weeping. I have seen the extreme vanity of this world. One hour I have been in health and wealth, wanting nothing, but the next hour in sickness, and wounds, and death, having nothing but sorrow and affliction. Before I knew what affliction meant I was ready sometimes to wish for it. When I lived in prosperity, hav- ing the comforts of this world about me, my relations by me, and my heart cheer- ful, and taking little care for any thing; and yet seeing many (whom I preferred before myself) under many trials and afflictions, in sickness, weakness, poverty, losses, crosses, and cares of the world, I