Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 17 Saturday night, except only a little cold water. This day in the afternoon, about an hour by sun, we came to the place where they intended, viz : an Indian town called Wenimesset, northward of Quabaug. When we were come, Oh the number of Pagans (now merciless enemies) that there came about me, that I may say as David, Psal. 27. 13, I had fainted unlefs I had believed, &c. The next day was the sabbath : I then re- membered how careless I had been of God's holy time : how many sabbaths I had lost and misspent, and how evilly I had walked in God's sight; which lay so close upon my spirit, that it was easy for me to see how righteous it was with God to cut off the thread of my life, and cast me out of his presence forever. Yet the Lord still shewed mercy to me, and helped me ; and as he wounded me with one hand, so he healed me with the other. This day there came to me 2