Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

20 Narrati7le of and five months old. It was nine days from the first wounding in this miserable condition, without any refreshing of one nature or another, except a little cold water. I cannot but take notice, how at another time I could not bear to be in a room where a dead person was, but now the case is changed ; I must and could lie down with my dead babe all the night after. I have thought since, of the wonderful goodness of God to me, in preserving me so in the use of my reason and senses, in that distressed time, that I did not use wicked and violent means to end my own miserable life. In the morning, when they under- stood that my child was dead, they sent me home to my master's wigwam. (By my master in this writing must be un- derstood Quannopin, who was a Sagga- more, and married King Philip's wife's sister ; not that he first took me, but I was sold to him by a Narraganset In-