Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

24 Narrative of of the Indians gathered out of our com- pany, and some also from them (amongst whom was my son's master) to go to assault and burn Medfield : In this time of his master's absence, his dame brought him to see me. I took this to be some gracious answer to my earnest and un- feigned desire. The next day the In- dians returned from Medfield. (All the company, for those that belonged to the other smaller company came through the town that now we were at.) But before they came to us, Oh, the outrageous roar- ing and hooping that there was ! They began their din about a mile before they came to us. By their noise and hoop- ing they signified how many they had destroyed; which was at that time twenty- three. Those that were with us at home, were gathered together as soon as they heard the hooping, and every time that the other went over their number, these at home gave a shout, that the very