Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

28 .7!l'arrative of The fourth Remove. AND now must I part with the lit- tle company I had. Here I parted with my daughter Mary (whom I never saw again till I saw her in Dorchester, returned from captivity) and from four little cousins and neighbours, some of which I never saw afterward, the Lord only knows the end of them. Among them also was that poor woman before mentioned, who came to a sad end, as some of the company told me in my travel: She having much grief upon her spirits about her miserable condition, being so near her time, she would be often asking the Indians to let her go home ; they not being willing to that and yet vexed with her importunity, gathered a great company ,together about her, and stripped her naked, and set her in the midst of them ; and when they