Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

36 Narrative of came to a beaver-dam, and I amongst them, where, through the good Provi- dence of God, I did not wet my foot. I went along that day mourning, and la- menting (leaving farther my own country, and travelling farther into the vast and howling wilderness) and I understood something of Lot's wife's temptation, when she looked back. We came that day to a great swamp, by the side of which we took up our lodging that night. When we came to the brow of the hill that looked toward the swamp, I thought we had been come to a great Indian town (though there were none but our own company) the Indians were as thick as the trees ; it seemed as if there had been a thousand hatchets going at once. If one looked before one there was nothing but Indians, and behind one nothing but Indians ; and so on either hand ; and I myself in the midst, and no christian soul near me, and yet how