Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

38 Narrative of could there have freely lien down and died. That day, a little after noon, we came to Sqaubeag, where the Indians quickly spread themselves over the de- serted English fields, gleaning what they could find ; some picked up ears of wheat that were crickled down, some found ears of Indian corn, some found ground-nuts, and others sheaves of wheat that were frozen together in the shock, and went to threshing of them out. Myself got two ears of Indian corn, and whilst I did but turn my back, one of them was stole from me, which much troubled me. There came an Indian to them at that time, with a basket of horse-liver. I asked him to give me a piece : What (says he) can you eat horse liver? I told him I would try, if he would give me a piece, which he did ; and I laid it on the coals to roast, but before it was half ready, they got half of it away from me ; so that I was forced to take