Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

44 Narrative of their provision; and in the morning away they went. During my abode in this place, Philip spake to me to make a shirt for his boy, which I did; for which he gave me a shilling. I offered the money to my mistress, but she bid me keep it, and with it I bought a piece of horse-flesh. Afterward he asked me to make a cap for his boy, for which he in- vited me to dinner ; I went, and he gave me a pan-cake, about as big as two fin- gers ; it was made of parched wheat, beaten and fried in bear's grease, but I thought I never tasted pleasanter meat in my life. There was a Squaw who spake to me to make a shirt for her Sannup : for which she gave me a piece of beef. Another asked me to knit a pair of stock- ings, for which she gave me a quart of peas. I boiled my peas and beef to- gether, and invited my master and mis- tress to dinner ; but the proud gossip, because I served them both in one dish,