Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 51 me they would buy me if they were able ; and yet these were strangers to me that I never knew before. The tenth Remove. THAT day a small part of the com- pany removed about three quarters of a mile, intending farther the next day. When they came to the place where they intended to lodge, and had pitched their wigwams, being hungry, I went again back to the place we were before at, to get something to eat ; being encouraged by the Squaw's kindness, who bid me come again. When I was there, there came an Indian to look after me ; who when he had found me, kickt me all- along. I went home and found venison roasting that night, but they would not give me one bit of it. Sometimes I met with favour, and sometimes with nothing but frowns.