Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

58 Narrative of meal made of the bark of a tree ; and to make it better, she had put into it about a handful of peas, and a few roasted ground-nuts. , I had not seen my son a pretty while, and here was an Indian of whom I made enquiry after him, and asked him when he saw him ? He an- swered me, that such a time his master roasted him, and that himself did eat a piece of him as big as his two fingers, and that he was very good meat. But the Lord upheld my spirit under this discourage- ment : and I considered their horrible addictedness to lying, and that there is not one of them that makes the least con- science of speaking the truth. In this place, one cold night, as I lay by the fire, I removed a stick which kept the heat from me, a Squaw moved it down again, at which I looked up, and she threw a handful of ashes in my eyes ; I thought I should have been quite blinded and never have seen more :