Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

60 JV'arratine of all my hopes of restoration would come to nothing. I thought of the English army, and hoped for their coming, and being retaken by them, but that failed. I hoped to be carried to Albany, as the Indians had discoursed, but that failed also. I thought of being sold to my husband, as my master spake ; but instead of that my master himself was gone, and I left behind, so that my spirit was now quite ready to sink. I asked them to let me go out and pick up some sticks, that I might get alone, and pour out my heart unto the Lord. Then also I took my Bible to read, but I found no comfort here neither, yet I can say, in all my sor- rows and afflictions, God did not leave me to have any impatient work towards himself; as if his ways were unrighteous ; but I knew that he laid upon me less than I deserved. Afterward, before this doleful time ended with me, I was turn-