Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

Mrs. Rowlandfon. 65 stand, but I persuaded him still, lest he should lie there and die. And with much ado I got him to a fire, and went myself home. As soon as I was got home, his master's daughter came after me to know what I had done with the Englishman 2 I told her I had got him to a fire in such a place. Now had I need to pray Paul's prayer, 2 Theff. 3. 2. That we may be delivered from unreafonable and wicked men. For her satisfaction I went along with her, and brought her to him ; but before I got home again, it was noised about, that I was running away, and getting the English youth along with me. As soon as I came in, they be- gan to rant and domineer, asking me where I had been, and what I had been doing 2 and saying they would knock me on the head : I told them I had been seeing the English youth, and that I would not run away. They told me I lied, and getting up a hatchet they 5