Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

68 JV'arrative of and that he had given him some ground- nuts already. Then I went along with him to his new master, who told me he loved him, and he should not want. So his master carried him away, and I never saw him afterward, till I saw him at Pis- cataqua in Portsmouth. That night they bid me go out of the wigwam again. My mistress's Papoos was sick, and it died that night ; and there was one benefit in it, that there was more room. I went to a wigwam, and they bid me come in, and gave me a skin to lie upon, and a mess of venison and ground-nuts, which was a choice dish among them. On the morrow they bur- ied the Papoos ; and afterward, both morning and evening, there came a com- pany to mourn and howl with her : Though I confess I could not much con- dole with them. Many sorrowful days I had in this place ; often getting alone, like a crane or a fwallow, fo did I chatter ; I