Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

72 Narrative of night. I looked out in the morning, and many of them had lien in the rain all night, I saw by their reaking. Thus the Lord dealt mercifully with me many times, and I fared better than many of them. In the morning they took the blood of the deer, and put it into the paunch, and so boiled it : I could eat nothing of that, though they eat it sweetly. And yet they were so nice in other things, that when I had fetch'd water, and had put the dish I dipp'd the water with into the kettle of water . which I brought, they would say they would knock me down, for they said it was a sluttish trick. The fifteenth Remove. WE went on our travel. I having got an handful of ground-nuts, for my support that day. They gave me my