Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

76 Narrative of would be another in 14 days, and that I must be there ready. My heart was so heavy before, that I could scarce speak, or go in the path ; and yet now so light that I could run. My strength seemed to come again, and to recruit my feeble knees, and aching heart ; yet it pleased them to go but one mile that night, and there we stayed two days. In that time came a company of Indians to us, near thirty, all on horse-back. My heart skipt within me, thinking they had been Eng- lishmen, at the first sight of them ; for they were dressed in English apparel, with hats, white neckcloths, and sashes about their waists, and ribbons upon their shoulders : But when they came near, there was a vast differe,Ance between the lovely faces of Christians, and the foul looks of those heathen, which much damped my spirits again.