Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

8o Narrative of The Squaw was boiling horses feet, she cut me off a little piece, and gave one of the English children a piece also. Being very hungry, I had quickly eat up mine ; but the child could not bite it, it was so tough and sinewy, but lay sucking, gnaw- ing and slabbering of it in the mouth and hand, then I took it of the child, and eat it myself, and savory it was to my taste. That I may say as Yob, Chap. 6. 7. The things that my foul refufeth to touch, are as my forrowful meat. Thus the Lord made that pleasant and refreshing, which another time would have been an abomination. Then I went home to my mistress's wig- wam, and they told me I disgraced my master with begging, and if I did so any more, they would knock me on the head : I told them they had as good do that, as starve me to death.