Rowlandson - E87 .R885 1856

88 Narrative of at her back. Before they went to that fight, they got a company together to powow. The manner was as followeth There was one that kneeled upon a deer-skin, with the company round him in a ring, who kneeled, striking upon the ground with their hands, and with sticks, and muttering or humming with their mouths. Besides him who kneeled in the ring, there also stood one with a gun in his hand. Then he on the deer-skin made a speech, and all manifested assent to it, and so they did many times to- gether. Then they bid him with a gun go out of the ring, which he did ; but when he was out, they called him in again; but he seemed to make a stand. Then they called the more earnestly, till he turned again. Then they all sang. Then they gave him two guns, in each hand one. And so he on the deer-skin began again ; and at the end of every sentence in his speaking, they all assent-