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The Life



love to be too faint


languid for fuch a

noble objecr, and is only forry that it can

comn1and no n1ore.

It wiihes for the

flan1es of a


and longs for the time

w4en it lhall be wholly melted and dif–

folved into love; and becaufe it can do fo

little itfdf,

it deGres the ailiftance of the

whole creation,

that angels

and men

would concur with it in the adn1iration


and love of thofe infinite perfecrions.

Again, love is accompanied with troubles,

The certain·

when it miffeth a fuitable re–


to be belo-

turn of affeCtion.

Love is the

ved again.

n1ofi: valuable thing we can be-

fiow; and by giving it, we do in effecr

give all that we have:

and therefore it

n1uft needs be affiiCl:ing, to find fo great a

gift defpifed, that the prefent which -one

hath made of his whole heart, cannot pre–

vail to obtain



Perfect kwe. is

a kind of felf-derelietion, a wandering out

of ourfelves; it is a kind ofvoluntary death,


herdn the lover dies to himfelf, -and all

his own interefl:s; not thinking of then1,

nor caring for then1 any more, and min–

ding nothing but how he tnay pleafe and

gratify the party whom he loves. Thus he

is quite undone unlefs he meets with reci–

procal affection. He neglects himfelf, and

the other bath no regard to him. But